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I began Second Chances Transportation Service, LLC when I recognized a need in the community for safe, timely, and reliable transportation for dialysis patients and senior citizens. While I was helping a family member with transportation to her dialysis treatment and to her physician, I learned that many patients often must wait for several hours to be taken home after receiving dialysis treatment or following medical appointments. I formed Second Chances Transportation Service, LLC in response to this need, and I am now busy serving the needs of many clients.

The mission of Second Chances Transportation Service, LLC is to provide safe, timely, reliable, and affordable transportation for senior citizens, dialysis patients, and other individuals needing transportation. At Second Chances Transportation Services, we create an experience of care for you. Our vehicles are clean, comfortable, and reliable and our drivers are professional and will assist you into and out of your appointments or other destinations. Whether you have a medical appointment or dialysis treatment, or if you need to go shopping or attend an event, Second Chances Transportation Services is here for you!

I am honored to be serving the Richmond and East Bay community and I look forward to serving you.

Please contact me at (510) 685-7813 to arrange for transportation.


We are here for you!

Second Chances

244 south 47th street Richmond Ca, 94804


senior transportation, transportation for senior, trasnportation for dialysis patients, medical transportation, non-medical transportation, Second Chances Transportation Service, LLC provides comfortable, reliable, timely, and safe transportation for senior citizens and dialysis patients. Our vehicles are modern, clean, and provide a comfortable ride. Our drivers drop each client at their respective destination, and, if desired, the drive will escort you to and from your appointments. We also provide non-medical transportation, such as transportation to and from shopping malls, performances, and family gatherings. Our friendly drivers will ensure that your experience with Second Chances is professional and enjoyable.
We look forward to serving you!